Poetry With Omega Jade



Omega Jade made her start in 2016 with stand up comedy. Six months after her first open mic, she was asked to be in her first show. An all black line up with the name of Darker Side of Comedy, produced by Jade Marcotte. After the thrill of the first show, there was no stopping her grind. Eventually, that led to her creating, producing and hosting her own show; a show that mixed two things she loved ; Comedy and Hip Hop. It was called Rhyme & Unreason. The show involved stand up comedians doing their regular routines and MCs interpreting the routine with a freestyle verse. It was fresh, fun, and lasted a whole year. And then the pandemic happened. But while producing this show she released her debut album Wounded Healer. She was given the opportunity to go on tour to open for Pace Won.

After Lydia Clemmons (Clemmons Family Farm) heard her album she offered Omega Jade a freelance project. The Hoop House Project in collaboration with Zafa Wines. And she has been working creatively with them ever since. When she’s not making music or writing poetry, she is moilding young minds in the Windows to a Multicultural World teaching artist program. Which is also through the Clemmons Family Farm. Her independent focus recently has been finishing her EP, Elevate: The Rise of Mam MC. With the help of Equal Eyes Records it was released on Mothers Day.


"Poetry has always been an outlet for me, and doing comedy made me think I could pull off being an MC too."

-Omega Jade

Layers of Heart

Layers of Heart is a compilation of poetry that takes you on a journey of introspection. Subjects that range from mental illness to race and social issues. Everything written was inspired by real life events or from things I have learned. Raw emotion went intio the works chosen for these pieces. I have always used poetry as a way to process and reflect on the things life can bring as a way to cope with madness. So you may come upon a piece that may seem a bit extreme. But I dare you to take the time to finish. Poetry was my way out of the darkness. My hope is that my words will help the reader find their own light.

In The Case of
Daunte Wright,
I Got Questions

In the Case of Daunte Wright, I Got Questions:

To the officer who called herself training another, I’ve got questions

Is a taser yellow or black? Please, I have more questions

If she resigns does it mean she’s guilty? Oh, there are more questions! Does having an outstanding warrant mean he’s deserving of death?

These accidental killings happen too often, I’m losing my breath

Why do you act surprised whenever we protest?

Will having a conversation give me the answers to these questions?

I’m tired of reading the news just to learn a repeated lesson.

The police still consider Black people 3/5 of a human

What other reason is there for them to resort to shootin

Warning my son before going to school to comply so he will return

the need to have this conversation makes my whole soul hurt

But this is the reality of my blackness

So allow me this time to ask this

How long does it take to know the difference between a Glock and a Taser?

Liberation Day (Juneteenth)

July the 4th does not mean much to me My ancesters were still the ones dealing with slavery Freedom papers didn’t come til almost a century later Yet and still that one huge step was the beginning of something greater Of course there were still other systems put in place to hold us back But we’ve already come so far with strength that stems from being Black I am me ancesters and my sisters keeper Karma will come to those who have oppressed, their message received deeper Now they’ll have to learn the error of their ways As I sit back and celebrate this Liberation Day Pouring libations in the name of Jubilee Teaching my babies of how we came to be We are their knowledge their wisdom and their strength Honoring the past helps us to never forget Yes we shall overcome with everything we do While making it a priority to celebrate too the day was June 19th 1865 The freedom for our souls, the turning of the Tide

Sounds Like
to Me

Seasons are changing

Spring cleaning and homes rearranging

charging the body with nourishing.  vitamin D Sounds like springtime

to me

Kids outside playing

Behind your back misbehaving

Catching a faint scent of barbequed


Sounds like springtime to me

Birds singing jubilant songs

Sunrises are early while days become long Watching sunsets on porches with your favorite drink Sounds like springtime to me

Beautiful scenes and moonscapes

On warm nights compelled to stay up late

Family times and making precious memories

Most definitely sounds like springtime to me

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